Weekend Market

5 – 6.11.2022
Opening hours: Sat 5.11 11:00-20:30; Sun 6.11 11:00-18:00
L1 Central Courtyard & L2 Terrace
Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre
30 Pak Tin St, Shek Kip Mei, Kln

Building on the 2018 Classic Camera Fair and Photobook Showcase, the Weekend Market welcomed 18 local businesses, makers, artists, collectives, and publishers to showcase an array of works and products, including camera equipment and supplies, photobooks, independent publications, printed matter, accessories and unique items. Joining the Hong Kong vendors are 4 overseas organisations whom we have invited as partners to present a selection of works from their countries and offer insights on print-based medium, its production and ecosystems. They are Gueari Galeri, photobook gallery and independent publisher from Indonesia; PAPER MATTER, artists’ books research unit and archive from Taiwan; Thing Books, organiser of the annual Singapore Art Book Fair; and Matca, a photographer-led space and publisher from Vietnam.

Zigzag through the L1 Central Courtyard to explore what local vendors from different fields have to offer. Among the booths, you may find a Zine-making Station operated by ZINE COOP, with tools and materials ready for you to create something on the spot and get a taste of self-publishing. Directly above the courtyard at the L2 Terrace are publications and printed matter curated by our overseas partners, as well as the Reading Corner, an open space for all visitors to zone/hang out with friends and books.

Throughout the weekend at the L7 Activity Room and Festival home base, photobook authors, experimental printers, independent publishers, book fair organiser, researcher/archivist and art collectives from Hong Kong and overseas will share their experience and knowledge through talks and discussion sessions.

In gathering such diversity — in practice, business, background, location, scale and focus — under one roof, the Weekend Market fosters conversations and brings visibility to budding endeavours to kindle new possibilities for our image making community.

All Weekend

  • Time
    Programme Name
  • 14:00-15:00; 17:00-18:00
    Zine-making Station
    L1 Central Courtyard
  • Open all day
    Overseas Partners & Reading Corner
    L2 Terrace

Sat 5.11

Sun 6.11

*Pre-registration required for all activities at L7-19 and L7-20, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre


  • Asia One Product and Publishing Company

    Established in 2007, AsiaOne strives to publish works that are representative of Hong Kong’s evolving art scene. Its library documents stories of Hong Kong and celebrates local artists, photographers, illustrators, designers and architects. With a dedication to the craft of design, colour management and printing, AsiaOne sees the act of publishing as art in itself.

  • Be Here

    From here to there, Be Here heightens the mundane details of our everyday life through sounds, images, and words. Their platform seeks to encourage people to embrace the beauty of the ordinary, and to be ‘in the moment’, here, together.

  • Fuji Photo Products Co., Ltd.

    Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 1968, Fuji Photo Products has been committed to creating professional products for a wide range of users, from professionals to amateurs. Fujifilm's technology offers a diverse range of equipment – from digital cameras to Instax products – something for everyone to discover and express their own photographic style.

  • Gueari Galeri (Indonesia)

    A photobook gallery and independent publisher based in Jakarta and Bekasi, Indonesia. Their tagline ‘a personal story for you’ points to their use of photography and photobooks to present personal stories as a means for self-exploration, empowerment, and agents of change. Since 2015, Gueari Galeri have been conducting Photo Book Class, kelas buku foto gueari galeri, to facilitate the development of personal stories in photobooks. They also hold photobook discussions, ngobrol buku foto, in various regions across Indonesia as a form of education to improve photobook literacy.


    Semi-public studio run by a community of beans. The name GWO BEAN, literally ‘next to fruit’, refers to our location beside the Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market. It also means ‘over there’ in Cantonese. We chose this name to represent the space and direction of our studio. Come say hi @gwobean

  • Jordan Leung

    Jordan LEUNG is a stand-up comedian and content creator. If you are reading this, you probably have no idea who he is, but he was once described as “so silly and hyper-intelligent at the same time” by a very impressionable Hong Kong University student. Since coming back to Hong Kong in 2020, Jordan’s wit and absurd ideas (disguised as endearing stupidity) has earned him a dedicated following in Hong Kong.

  • Lau Chi Chung

    LAU worked in the television commercial industry as an art director before becoming a full-time artist. He started out making short films, and these days mostly works in photography. His photographic series ‘Landscaped Artifacts' (2013) earned him the New Photography Artist of the Year award at the Lianzhou Foto Festival 2013. Lau received third prize of Hong Kong’s first Photobook Dummy Award at the 2021 Hong Kong Photobook Festival for his latest work ‘The Dayspring of Eternity’.

  • Lighting Supports Photo Co.

    An Equipment Dealer with familiar brands, including Elinchrom, Broncolor, and Kupo Lighting.

  • Lonely Kidney and Draw your Pet

    Lonely Kidney is an Illustrator, redefining and ridiculing Hong Kong society through her unique perspective and practice. Draw your Pet, aka LEUNG Chiu Yi, creates comics and oil paintings. She believes her creations are proof of her existence in this world; she sees mark-making as a process of transferring emotions, with each stroke carrying a certain weight.

  • Matca (Vietnam)

    Matca is an independent, non-profit initiative dedicated to dialogue on photography in Vietnam. Founded in 2016, Matca has evolved across platforms, including but not limited to an online journal, a physical space, and an imprint called Makét.

  • narrativesbyus

    narrativesbyus was formed by a group of ethnic minorities (EM) raised in Hong Kong’s local education system. The collective aims to complicate the simplistic identity of “ethnic minority” and all the connotations in the public imagination. The team— Suskihanna GURUNG, Shama MASHROOR, Ian Paolo VILLAREAL, and Merina SUNUWAR— hopes to foster a creative and continuously evolving space for local EMs in Hong Kong through a yearly zine publication that archives community events.

  • PAPER MATTER (Taiwan)

    PAPER MATTER is dedicated to promoting the aesthetics, practices, and knowledge of artists’ books and contemporary photobooks. With the Artists' Books Archive of the Taipei Artists Village as basecamp, the organisation works on collection, research, education, curation, and consultation— all in an effort of rediscovering the agency of books/publications as a contemporary art practice, exploring its future possibilities in East Asia, and developing global discourse.

  • Phoboko

    Phoboko is a platform for bringing people together through photobooks. At monthly meetings, the group uses photobooks as a tool to talk about issues related to photography, questioning and critiquing new photographic work, and openly sharing ideas. Their emerging community interrogates photography as a medium, with a focus on collaborative methods. Additionally, Phoboko promotes exchange between local Hong Kong practitioners and photographers across the Asia-Pacific.

  • Photobook Small Sell

    This online book shop formed by local image maker Hang TAM and Standsfield TO sells handmade, new, and second-hand photography books.

  • Po JOURN

    To record, to discuss, then participate: Po JOURN is an experimental collaborative project rooted in Tai Po, with a strong desire to record observations in the district. Po JOURN encourages readers— not only Tai Po residents but all Hong-Kongers— to explore and participate more in their community through discussions on various topics. Aiming to broaden the imagination of what district journals can be, the team places a huge emphasis on aesthetics and creativity. They often collaborate with illustrators, photographers, poets, writers, architects and artists across many fields.

  • RamboCat

    A fan of photography for decades with entry-level vintage lenses and camera bodies to sell and tips to share.

  • Tom Wai Chung

    The inception of their DIY and modified cameras has been about repurposing old objects, so that dusty lenses can find a place in the digital age. Some modifications are also made to enhance the coverage for existing lenses. In sticking with analogue photographic tools, they are also extending the lifespan of resources.

  • Thames & Hudson Asia

    Founded in 1949, Thames & Hudson is a publisher of illustrated books with over 2,000 titles in print. Their books span across ‎art, architecture, design, photography, fashion, film, music, archaeology, history and popular culture, including children’s books. Headquartered in London, they have a sister company in New York and subsidiaries in Melbourne, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

  • Thing Books (Singapore)

    Thing Books (est. 2021) is an online bookshop specialising in artists’ books, zines, and self-published/ independently-produced printed matter. Dedicated to the promotion and understanding of the book as an artistic medium, Thing Books organises the annual Singapore Art Book Fair, and houses a catalogue of published print materials under the SG Art Book Library.

  • the memory machine

    the memory machine started as a personal exploration between images, low-tech printing, and book-making by Alex LAU. In love with tangible photographs, Alex spent time experimenting with different image-making methods, such as making instant film pinhole cameras, cyanotypes, and recreating images with film on photocopiers, to name but a few.
    From 2018, Alex began printing photographs and making publications with a risograph duplicator. Over the years, he has participated in local and international art book fairs, including in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, and Tokyo.
    In 2021, he started his own creative risograph studio to collaborate with artists and photographers, co-creating photo-books and editioned prints.

  • YeP YeP

    Created by photographer and creative director, Kenny X. LI, YeP YeP is an experimental fashion and art magazine featuring works by emerging Hong Kong creatives from the fields of art, fashion, graphic design, and more.


    ZINE COOP is a collective of zine-makers with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. The collective promotes zine-making culture, actively reaching out to readers from different cultures by showcasing zines both online and at local and international art book fairs.

Established in 2007, AsiaOne strives to publish works that are representative of Hong Kong’s evolving art scene. Its library documents stories of Hong Kong and celebrates local artists, photographers, illustrators, designers and architects. With a dedication to the craft of design, colour management and printing, AsiaOne sees the act of publishing as art in itself.