Code of Conduct

The Hong Kong International Photo Festival is dedicated to providing a respectful, friendly, safe, supportive, and harassment-free environment for all event attendees and participants, regardless of age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), marital status, disability, physical appearance, education or socio-economic status. This Code of Conduct outlines HKIPF’s responsibilities, values, and behavioural standards of individuals participating in any events, programmes, and services organised or arranged by HKIPF.


All participants are expected to show respect and courtesy to organisers, attendees, and respective staff members of HKIPF and Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association Limited (HKPCA) throughout the event(s), including event-related appearances and social media. All participants are required to adhere to the following Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct will be enforced throughout all events to ensure a comfortable and accepting environment for participants to engage with photography and ideas.


Expected Behaviour


We expect participants to communicate professionally, be open-minded to different points of view, be respectful when providing feedback and receiving constructive criticisms, and be responsible for their words and actions, whether in person or virtually.


Unacceptable Behaviour


HKIPF does not condone discrimination, sexism or abusive language, and behaviours that degrade another individual or group. We do not tolerate harassment in any form and reserve the right(s) to remove those who engage in harassing behaviours from our event(s). Harassment includes but is not limited to: offensive or abusive verbal or written comments and conducts that are related to or based upon age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), marital status, disability, physical appearance, education or socio-economic status; deliberate intimidation, stalking, following and threats; inappropriate or disrespectful statements or actions; sustained disruption of talks or events; harassing photography or recording; unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention (including sexualised comments, jokes, advances or requests for sexual favours); excessive swearing; unauthorised display of sexually explicit or violent materials; and advocating for or encouraging any of the above behaviours. We sincerely ask all participants to be mindful that the absence of explicit objection(s) to inappropriate or harassing conduct does not equal consent. Any disregard towards the unacceptable harassing behaviours above is intolerable.




All participants are expected to obey these rules and behaviours in all event venues, including any online platforms, conferences, and social events. HKIPF strives to nurture and provide participants with an enjoyable and fulfilling experience in a welcoming space. HKIPF will assess the situation and carry out appropriate and legal courses of action if any participant(s) engage in inappropriate or harassing behaviour(s), including warnings to and expulsions of the offender from the event(s) without any refunds. HKIPF reserves the right to exclude participants from the event(s) based on their past behaviours or history of harassment.


If you are undergoing or have noticed any harassment, or have other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact:


Festival Director
Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association
L7-20, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2777 0955


We are happy to help you reach out to venue security and law enforcement, or assist you to feel safe during the event(s) if necessary. We value your right to enjoy a harassment-free experience and environment.


HKIPF assures you to take this responsibility in a proper manner. We aim to create an inclusive and safe environment for participants to enjoy and benefit from our events and programmes.