Hong Kong Portfolio II: To Our Collective Afterlife

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In 2010, 19 members of the Hong Kong photography community established the Hong Kong International Photo Festival (HKIPF), aiming to promote Hong Kong’s image creation to a broader and more extensive realm. In 2021, in order to ensure its long-term development, the festival launched the inaugural ‘Hong Kong Portfolio,’ which had been well received with a warm response. The first collection of ten selected photographs spans over half a century, depicting significant aspects of Hong Kong’s history and destiny.


This year, in order to take a leap forward and reach a new height, the HKIPF continues its journey by releasing the new collection ‘Hong Kong Portfolio,’ a charity collector’s box that brings together photographers, film art directors, still photographers, and art educators, incorporating contemporary photography, film screens, and art education to preserve the treasure trove of Hong Kong’s visual heritage. With the support of the public, the festival aims to continue its success and look forward to the future.

The ten photographs in this series traverse time and space, intertwining with the people and things depicted in the images, exploring personal or public histories through the intriguing intersection underpinned in the medium of photography. Some works draw inspiration from film screens, effortlessly delving into the realm of the modish and the outmoded, from vanished sites to current scenarios. The creators linger before the subject and its double and ponder the incongruities in between, blurring the line between reality and fiction through intuitive exploration. Others capture fleeting moments of intensity and concentration, experimenting with images based on documentary experiences. From these residual traces, the creators extract and reignite seemingly lost memories, distilling and cultivating the consciousness and ideas of our city.














The new series ‘Hong Kong Portfolio’ compiles a collection of works generously donated by ten artists, photographers, art directors, still photographers, and art educators, who have made significant contributions to Hong Kong’s image creation. It is limited to 35 sets, and both the artwork and the storage boxes are made of archival-grade materials. Each artwork measures 13” x 19”, printed by Excellent Colour Limited and signed by the artists. ‘Hong Kong Portfolio’ pays tribute to these ten creators whose photographs bear witness to the era of Hong Kong, constructing the collective will and vitality of Hong Kong and preserving them for future generations.

'After School 9' by Lau Chi Chung




'Hello Hong Kong' by Lee Ka Sing




'Kwan Tak-Hing, Actor' by Lo Yuk Ying




'Out of the Blur' by Man Lim Chung




'Agent Mr Chan' by Sharon Salad




'Tang Wei, The Golden Era' by Jupiter Wong




'Full Moon in New York' by Tim Yip




The HKIPF is organised by the Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association Limited, which is a tax-exempt charity under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Every penny raised will be matched by the ‘Art Development Matching Grants Scheme,’ significantly increasing the support from donors. Since its establishment in 2010, the HKIPF has primarily relied on government and commercial sponsorship. However, as a mature arts organisation and as we continue to grow, support from individuals is becoming crucial. We will need all the strength and resources we can gather to further our plans and make greater progress as an independent non-profit. In order to maintain its independent operation and secure a more stable financial future, the HKIPF has launched ‘Hong Kong Portfolio’ to gather support and promote contemporary image culture more vigorously and wholeheartedly in the future.


Donors who contribute HKD 50,000 or more to the Hong Kong International Photo Festival will receive a complimentary set of the second edition of ‘Hong Kong Portfolio’ as a token of gratitude. For more information and to make donations, please visit hkipf.org.hk or contact info@hkipf.org.hk by email.

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