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Finding Truth through Dialogue: realities of Hong Kong district publications

15:00 - 16:30

Truth seeking is a goal of many district publications, including truth about the media itself, and many of these publications have sprung up after the recent social movements. Over the past three years of rigorous documentation, there are still many uncertainties to be unearthed, such as limitations for the future. Through this open discussion, we seek to piece together the bigger picture and help each other find ways forward.

Speaker bio

Po JOURN is an experimental collaborative project rooted in Tai Po. Through discussion on various topics, Po JOURN encourages readers to explore and participate more fully in their community.


Po Post, a district newspaper in Tai Po, records everyday life in the district, from residents’ livelihoods to cultural activities. The paper aims to strengthen the bonds between everyone in Tai Po.


Shuenwaners, established by Shuen Wan residents, covers underrepresented issues in the community with the belief that its illustrated articles can help rebuild relationships between residents and their community.


MOSnews is a district newspaper in Ma On Shan established by its residents in 2018. MOSnews practises professional journalism through covering various community issues, with the aim of seeking the truth.


TKT Awakening, established by Tai Kok Tsui residents, is a bi-monthly district newspaper that covers all kinds of news in the community.




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