Introducing: Kamonlak Sukchai

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A Thai photographer known for collages, Kamonlak SUKCHAI has been exploring the fabric of Southeast Asian stories and their influence on history, folklore, national identity, religious belief, and sexual mythology.


She experiments with collaging techniques to find the feasibility of making images, especially on how it encourages viewers to reinterpret old beliefs from a new perspective.


In this project, Sukchai journeys through an individual’s story, exploring links between mythical symbols, human desire, and the meaning of life. Humans give meaning to all kinds of things, from the heavens to hell. The person and the thing — both like an empty box to be filled with something: a story. Who are we but our stories?

Nominated by PhotoBangkok, Kamonlak Sukchai is a participant of the Satellite Exhibitions 2023, an exchange programme connecting young image makers from Hong Kong and the APAC region.



Her programme buddy is Caleb Fung from Hong Kong.


Instagram @kamonlak.sukchai




Images courtesy of Kamonlak Sukchai

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