Introducing: Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung

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Jeff CHENG Tsz Fung is an artist and photojournalist based in Hong Kong. Through multiple mediums and ongoing artistic research, he shows how photography as a perceptual experience affects the condition of the viewer and photographer alike.


Through image, sound and installation, ‘With all Flatness’ translates Cheng’s experience as a photojournalist into a ‘road trip’ of real and fictional corners of the city. Along the way, Cheng searches for the fissures within this very silence and stillness in our society, and the places where images amass for the next eruption.

Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung is a participant of the Satellite Exhibitions 2023, an exchange programme connecting young image makers from Hong Kong and the APAC region.


His programme buddy is Vân-Nhi Nguyễn from Vietnam, nominated by Matca.





Instagram @ffejc


Images courtesy of Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung

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