Seasonal Photographers x Iris Sham | Chuen Lung Produce! Exploring the Possibilities of Food and Photography

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Event Details

Language: Cantonese

Fee: $50 (including cooking materials)

Please register before the event.


Chuen Lung can be interpreted through many ‘dishes’ and ‘local produce’. As we surpass the Summer Solstice, Chuen Lung’s famous watercress, which thrives in cool weather, is no longer in season. What’s the Chuen Lung palette like in its harvest off-season?


In this edition of the ‘Seasonal Photographer’ series, image and food artist Iris Sham will showcase a ‘four-course’ canopy menu inspired by molecular gastronomy. Shum uses winter melon honey to create ‘kohakuto’, a type of delicate sugar candy and showcases the local weeds and produce she’s used to develop images taken in her visits to the village. Altogether, she’s searching for a way to combine photography and food through the medium of Chuen Lung produce.



About the Photographer

Iris Sham (b. 1985) has dual degrees in Political Science and Law from the University of Hong Kong. Sham is both a photographer and a chef, and she expresses herself through the mediums of images and food. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, the UK and Canada. In September 2024, she will begin a master’s in culinary arts in Spain.

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