Photography Salon #06 | Pinhole Camera Workshop

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Event Details

Language: Cantonese

Fee: $50 (including workshop materials)

Please register before the event.


On the occasion of the first Art x Farm Fair at Koon Man Space, we invite you to slow down and take a look around—at Chuen Lung Village, the mountains and rivers that surround it, and even the family, friends, and strangers around you.


In this beginner-level pinhole workshop suitable for families, instructor Kiesly Tsang will guide participants through the making of a pinhole camera. Together, they will create exposures on photographic paper, slowing down the process of image-making in a conscious manner.


About the Artist

Kiesly Tsang is a Hong Kong-born multimedia artist. Tsang’s art explore the essence of life, time, memory, society, and the environment. Her work challenges traditional ways of speaking, and draws on research from diverse fields including cultural studies, photography, science, and spirituality. In 2021, Tsang immersed herself in experimental arts education, linking the arts with the Four C’s (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity) with an aim to explore the relationship between art and psychology, while advancing social inclusion and sustainable development.


About Photography Salon

Photography Salon is an initiative of the Hong Kong International Photo Festival (HKIPF). Hosted at the HKIPF’s new photography learning centre, Koon Man Space, this regular event aims to provide a platform for image creatives from different cultural backgrounds to engage in deep discussions with the public.

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