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Photobook Corner: Reminders Photography Stronghold

©Yumi Goto/Reminders Photography Stronghold

Why do we make an artist book? You may feel the vividness of the story from the reasoned expression in everything you see, touch, smell, and read, in every detail. You may find yourself struggling to get through a book, and that is what an artist book can do.

In this edition of Photobook Corner, Yumi Goto will discuss and demonstrate through her selection of handmade artist books from Reminders Photography Stronghold, the composition and design of photobooks that allows diverse and unique reading experiences.

Immediately after the sharing, there will also be a public presentation of the dummies from the ‘Exploring Processes of Photobook Making with Yumi Goto’ workshop, during which the workshop participants will present their works.


Yumi Goto




Deposit: HKD 50

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