Exploring Processes of Photobook Making with Yumi Goto

13.10 - 23.10.2023
Part 1 Workshop 13–15.10.2023 Part 2 Workshop 18–20.10.2023 Workshop Time 09:00–19:00 Daily
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Open Studio with Public Presentation


Dummy Showcase

22.10 Photo Gallery, G/F, PMQ
23.10 H506–H507, PMQ

Each day 11:00–19:00


The workshop focuses on understanding the storytelling process with a personal vision – exploring ways to incorporate personal experience and voice. We will work on the editing process, conceptualising ideas and presentations, and the physical process of creating a photobook / publication.


We will explore the process of generating ideas and refining concepts in the pursuit of a coherent photographic series in printed form. Through individual and group discussions and critique, participants will examine the strengths of their ideas and intentions, enhance their conceptualisation skills, and materialise the potential project into a publication.


The participants will arrive with one (or more ideas) they’d like to work on. The first few days will be spent examining and deconstructing those ideas, editing, and deciding which ideas are viable and which are not. The second part of the workshop will focus on layout, materials, and the final presentation in the form of a book or a publication.


Constructive criticism, honesty, and fairness towards each other will be the keys to a successful group process. Participants should expect to spend long hours, to push their boundaries and explore new ways of storytelling, to share their ideas and knowledge, and to be inspired by their peers. Experimentation and openness are encouraged.



English (any special language needs, please notify in application)



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Facilitated by Yumi Goto, Kurt Tong

About Yumi Goto


Yumi Goto is an independent photography curator, editor, researcher, consultant, educator, and publisher who focuses on cultural exchange and transcending borders.


She collaborates with artists who live and work in areas affected by conflict, natural disasters, current social problems, human rights abuses, and women’s issues, often working with human rights advocates, international and local NGOs, and humanitarian organisations. She often serves as a nominator and juror for international photographic organisations, festivals, and events.


Yumi Goto is based in Tokyo where she is a founding curator for the Reminders Photography Stronghold (RPS), a membership gallery space enabling a wide range of photographic activities. She also established a new RPS offshoot ‘PAPEROLES’ in Kyoto, starting activities in 2020.


About Kurt Tong


Born in Hong Kong in 1977, Kurt gained his Masters in Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication in 2006. His personal projects explore his Chinese roots and understanding his motherland.


The Queen, The Chairman and I is a multi-layered narrative book dealing with the story of Hong Kong of the last 100 years and the Asian Diaspora through the lives of his own family. The project has been exhibited across four continents and was published by Dewi Lewis Publishing in 2019.


Kurt Tong’s exhibition Combing for Ice and Jade, a love letter to the artist’s nanny, one of the few remaining self-combed women in the world, has won numerous awards and has been shown at the Himalayas Museum in Shanghai, Finnish Museum of Photography and Rencontres d’Arles, amongst others. A monograph of the work was published by Jiazazhi Press in 2019 and was named one of best Photobooks of 2019 by Time, El País, Esquire, and Art Paper amongst others.


In 2022, he was awarded the prestige Prix Elysee and released Dear Franklin, an epistolary novel about a tragic love story during WWII in China. Co-published by Atelier EXB and Photo Elysee, it was named one of the best photo books of 2022 by MOMA in New York.

Congratulations to all the following selected participants! *


– Billy HC Kwok
– Eva Roth
– Hans Leo Maes (TypicalPlan)
– Iris Sham
– Jimmy Lee
– Natthaya Thaidecha
– Ng Tsz Lok Gary
– Raeann Kit-Yee Cheung
– Saad Alsharrah
– Tam Cheong Hang
– Thomas Lin Kam Shun


*All applications are reviewed and selected by Yumi Goto and Kurt Tong. The Organizer reserves the final rights to modify and interpret all event details at any time.

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