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Michelle Chan Wan Chee
11.11 - 27.11.2022
Wed - Fri 15:00-19:00Sat - Sun 13:00-19:00(Closed on 26.11.2022)

I was never close to Kaufu. My only memory of him was of buses.

‘Kaufu’ is an homage to the bus driver uncle I never really got to know, and the vast collection of bus-related memorabilia he left behind. He passed away at the age of 50. The project began when I was helping my mother clear things from his flat. The meaning of death became tangible. I began to unravel this question through his objects.


Michelle CHAN Wan Chee’s artistic practice lies in images and community. Her main interest is to reflect on human behaviour— on the use of and experiences with everyday objects, through photography. Yet she does so to examine how Chinese beliefs become recurrent over the centuries. Photography becomes visual research and community engagement to explore these questions. Chan has exhibited internationally, including at the Angkor Photo Festival, Objectifs, and Singapore International Photo Festival.

© Michelle Chan Wan Chee
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