Exhibition Floor Plan

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The exhibition 'Off-sets: Photographies of Hong Kong Cinema' is staged across the galleries, common spaces and green space of the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. Pick up an exhibition guide at the L1 Gallery entrance for details of the exhibits.

We recommend beginning your journey at the L1&L0 Galleries, then head upstairs to the L3, L5, L6 Common Spaces and L7 Green Space, or slowly make your way through the L3-L8 Blue Walls to encounter intimate moments shared among actors and crew on set as captured by various artists.

With its installations as wide ranging as the works gathered: outdoors, indoors, in daylight, neon-lit... here are some recommended viewing times from the curatorial team:

L1 Gallery, Contact Prints Series by Louie Wong: 12-4pm
L5 Common Space, Sharon Salad and L6 Common Space, Okazaki Hirotake: after dark

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to speak to our on-site staff or Festival ambassadors, or contact us at hello@hkipf.org.hk/+852 2777 0955.

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