Introducing: Erica T

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The Last Image of Grandpa (2021)
In Mourning (2022-2023)









Based in Hong Kong, Erica T has committed themselves to documenting and image-making. Beyond projects related to social issues, they have recently been exploring themes of emotion and cognition through their work.


After death, is all ‘lost’, or does love and strength live on?


‘Lost’ is a photography series of death, irrelevant to superstition and the disembodied spirit; a dialogue with the living and the deceased, irrelevant to social structure and taboo; a dialogue with oneself, irrelevant to others.


‘Lost’ explores the borders of living and dying, and begins a journey of self-discovery and grieving by getting closer to my grandpa’s death.

How was Life? (2022)
Dreaming of Grandpa (2021-2023)


















Erica T is a participant of the Satellite Exhibitions 2023, an exchange programme connecting young image makers from Hong Kong and the APAC region.


Their programme buddy is Mech Sereyrath from Cambodia, nominated by Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops.




Instagram @ericat.verse


Images Courtesy of Erica T

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