Introducing: Masahiro Nakamura

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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Masahiro NAKAMURA continues to establish a sense of belonging to the city. Tackling his multiple cultural and gender identities, Nakamura portrays situations that stem from unfamiliarity. The inability to communicate through a language barrier… the discomfort of wearing too little or too much… experiences, especially out-of-body ones, can be difficult to articulate. Nakamura hopes to visualise these feelings through building on previous series, such as ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Linger (A While)’.


This project, like Nakamura, embraces uncertainty and remains unsettled.





Masahiro Nakamura is a participant of the Satellite Exhibitions 2023, an exchange programme connecting young image makers from Hong Kong and the APAC region.


His programme buddy is J Davies, nominated by Photo Australia.





Instagram @yomasahiro







Images courtesy of Masahiro Nakamura

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