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Weaving Wishes on A Spinning Wheel

Kamonlak Sukchai
12.10 - 19.11.2023
Mon to Sun 11:00-19:00
วงวาร (Thai title name)

The cycle of birth and death is certain, yet uncertainty in our existence stimulates our search for meaning. Humans assign meaning to everything, from heaven to hell. We weave wishes on an empty floor…

‘วงวาร‘ offers a mystery of life through intricate mythical symbols embodying countless tiny souls, and through tarot. From the largest circle in the universe to the smallest point — the minuscule circle represents the artist’s presence in the past, present, and future — our lives are layered with question, with Atta and desire, and spin in the wheel of life...


Thai photographer Kamonlak Sukchai is known for her collages that explore Southeast Asian folklore and its influences on history, national identity, religious belief, and sexual mythology. Drawing on fiction, traditional narratives, historical documents, and oral literature, she experiments with techniques to find new possibilities, especially on how to encourage the audience to reinterpret beliefs. Her current project investigates the relationship between mythical symbols, human desire, and the meaning of life.

© Kamonlak Sukchai
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