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The Portraits Lying Aside

Winsome Dumalagan Wong
12.10 - 19.11.2023
Mon to Sun 11:00 – 19:00

This two-part series — ‘Fallen Portraits on the Soil’ and ‘The Rite of Passing By: I didn’t see them but I saw them’ — is set in public housing. The installation portrays the overseen and questions the use of materials and images, and the limitations of photography itself.

In the first set, the viewer gazes into beauty and decay, eternity and ephemerality, of flowers secretly planted by the residents, and of dead insects; The second set draws on a large number of images taken since 2017 of discarded household items. The viewer considers the former use of the objects, and the previous owners.


Winsome Dumalagan Wong mainly works in videography. Through moving along with the camera, composing and sculpting textures and rhythms, she believes that art helps guide one to step into daily life and comprehend it. Thus, most of her work is about the everyday, created in the different cultural contexts she inhabits. Conscious of the authority of imagery, she often credits her work to the people around her.

© Winsome Dumalagan Wong
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