Roundtable – Photography & AI Technology

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With sharing from facilitators, this roundtable will examine and open up conversations on the impact of AI technology on photography and image-making. Creatives and practitioners of the photography community are welcome to voice and share relevant information, perspectives and concerns.



Ike Cheung (Hong Kong International Photo Festival);


Liang-Pin Tsao (Lightbox Photo Library)

Speakers’ Bio

Ike Cheung, Lok Man (b.1979) lived in Chicago for ten years and moved back to Hong Kong in 2010. He completed Bachelor Fine Art (Interior Design) with distinction at The Illinois Institute of Art. Ike practices architectural interior design professionally in Chicago and Hong Kong, his diverse blend of works in Asia, Middle East and North America, in a variety of sectors, from residential, offices, hospitality, graphic, photography, stage, to community service projects. He contributes his free time to all kinds of volunteer works both domestic and aboard; countries including India, Africa, Vietnam, China, and the US. Ike is wandering between calmness and enthusiasm, rational and sentimental in his creations.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Liang-Pin Tsao is an artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. He holds an MFA degree from Pratt Institute, and is the recipient of Fulbright Grant, New York Residency Program sponsored by the Ministry of Culture Taiwan, and Paris Photography Exchange Program sponsored by French Office in Taipei, among others. His recent works, “Becoming ‧ Taiwanese,” investigate the Chinese Martyrs’ Shrines in Taiwan and the relational tension between colonial history, self-identity and value awareness especially in light of transitional justice and biopolitics.


Liang also devotes himself to public service and open culture. In 2016, he established Lightbox Photo Library, a non-for-profit organization, which is free and open to all. Employed as a method, Lightbox strives to preserve, disseminate and advance local photographic perspectives and creative practices through various kinds of public programs and educational projects, aiming to practice the values of intellectual freedom, cultural equity and the co-creation of photographic culture.




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