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Photography Salon #02 | The Intent in Your Gaze


At the scenic and historic Hakka village Chuen Lung, artist Ki Wong will be leading participants through an instrospective exercise of recognising one's intent in their gaze.

Back in 2020, when the concept of Koon Man Space was still developing, HKIPF, together with Ki Wong and Pak Chai, had already began an artists-in-residence in Chuen Lung. Ki's observation of the environment was crucial nutrients for her artistic creation. In this Photography Salon session, Ki will encourage the participants to be guided by their very own curiosity, and practice the intent in their gaze; recognise what is being observed, and how - from which, a story may be told.


Language: Cantonese
Fee: $100
Register HERE


Ki is a former lecturer of Academy of Visual Arts in the Hong Kong Baptist University, former Programme Director for Through Our Eyes (TOE) Photography Educational Programme, and the curator of “Klack” Photography & Culture Magazine. Ki uses painting, writing and photography as media to explore the memories of people, nature and places, tracing family history and the fundamental relationship between things. Her magnum opus includes: “A Living Space”, “Moon II: Tracing the Line”, “Our Family Album” and “Be Born”.

About Photography Salon

The Photography Salon was initiated by the Hong Kong International Photography Festival and is a recurring event project held at the upcoming art and cultural venue, Koon Man Space. The objective is to provide an open platform for artists involved in image making, stemming from diverse cultural backgrounds, to engage in profound discussions and interact with the public.


*Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association is financially supported by the HKADC

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