Panel – Supporting Artists and Building Community

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What are the key elements in fostering a healthy culture and community in image-making? What is the importance of network and mutual support between photographers and organisations, and what are the struggles for each? In this panel sharing, 3 representatives from respective photography organisations will talk about what it means to support artists and their experiences and challenges in pursuing that goal.

© Edwin Chuk Yin Man for HKIPF


Chelsea Chua (Objectifs);


Ha Dao (Matca);


Jessica Lim (Angkor Photo Festival and Workshops)




Speakers Bio

Chelsea Chua is Programme Director at Objectifs, a non-profit visual arts centre in Singapore focused on photography and film. Since its establishment in 2003, Objectifs has sought to cultivate original voices in visual storytelling, and inspire and broaden perspectives through the power of the image.


In addition to overseeing programmes and exhibitions at the centre, Chelsea frequently works directly with artists, photographers, curators and filmmakers across Southeast Asia to develop projects such as exhibitions, talks and mentorships. She was the curator of Stories That Matter, Objectifs’ annual documentary programme, and leads developmental platforms such as the Objectifs Documentary Awards, Curator Open Call and the centre’s residency programmes. She has worked in Singapore’s arts and cultural scene for over 15 years.


Ha Dao (1995) is a photographer and artist based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Drawn by the quiet drama in everyday life, she started out making images that take an imaginative approach to the documentary genre and are built upon close observations mixed with loose associations, often through the lens of gender and sexuality. Her current practice incorporates multimedia and explores stories of love on the margin. Her works have been showcased at Higashikawa Bunka Gallery (Japan), Manzi Art Space (Vietnam), Xie Zilong Museum (China) and Objectifs Centre of Photography & Film (Singapore), and featured in the British Journal of Photography, Photoworks, Trans Asia Photography Journal, among others. She received the 38th Higashikawa Photography Award and the Prince Claus Foundation’s Seed Award. Since 2017, Ha has been running Matca (, an independent initiative dedicated to opening conversations around photography in Vietnam.


Jessica Lim is currently the director of Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops (APFW), a non-profit association based in Cambodia. She has spent the past 15 years, and most part of her professional career, working to provide support and opportunities to visual storytellers in the majority world. Her move to Cambodia built on her previous experience with Drik Picture Library in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a media organisation uniquely dedicated to advocating for social equality, where she served as a news and photo editor and photographer liaison. She majored in journalism and graduated from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore in 2006.


Jessica is currently based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where on any given day there is a good chance of meeting water buffalos.




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