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A ‘Foreigner’

Masahiro Nakamura
12.10 - 19.11.2023
Mon to Sun 10:00 – 22:00

Whether it is a frail tree in its loneliest moment, the inconspicuous view of hands, or a recognisable landmark familiar from pop culture, these scenes come together to form an anecdote of a life in disarray. The same symbols that one has lengthy relationships with can be coupled with the difficulty in attaching to a place or time — a fundamental ability to communicate is severed, and intimacy that one yearns for, seized.

Showing settings from Hong Kong and Japan, this series is part of the artist’s journey to resolve an identity. The local is the foreign, the insider is the outsider. Along with the visible, ponder the absent.


A lens-based artist, Masahiro Nakamura resides in Hong Kong. His work expresses a sensitivity to alienation and uncertainty, emerging from his mixed cultural and sexual identities. Exploring media and culture, new and old, he recontextualises newfound material and sensations, ultimately altering his perspectives.


In 2021, Nakamura graduated from RMIT University, through Hong Kong Art School. In 2022, he presented his first solo exhibition, ‘Linger (A While)’, at Hidden Space, Hong Kong.



© Masahiro Nakamura
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