Satellite Exhibitions 2021: Call for Exhibition Proposals


Satellite Exhibitions was conceived and inaugurated in 2018 with a desire to explore the idea for art to co-inhabit everyday venues in a land-scarce city as a way to create alternative exhibition opportunities for local image makers and opportunities for people to experience and appreciate art in everyday settings.


In this third edition of Satellite Exhibitions, we expand on alternative forms of exhibition, working with local image makers, practitioners, venue owners and local communities to integrate a series of image-based Satellite Exhibitions into common venues across various districts in Hong Kong.


Over the course of six months, image makers will be provided with continuous guidance and learning opportunities from established practitioners, developing their work – be it in the form of images, sounds, words, performances, conversations, mixed media, and exploring ways of utilising different spaces for creative practices. Together, we aim to explore image making as a binding element to connect different communities.


We welcome proposals from individuals and collectives based in Hong Kong. There are no age limits or educational requirements to apply but the applicants should demonstrate evidence of a regular practice and a willingness to participate in different conversations during the project period to develop their projects and present them to different audiences.


We accept still images, moving images, sounds, words, site-specific or transportable installations, performances – any work that discusses image making possibilities.


The proposals will be assessed based on originality and feasibility, as well as willingness to experiment with and adapt to various spaces and conditions. Shortlisted image makers will be invited for an interview.


Exhibition Proposal Application Form


More details and key dates of Satellite Exhibitions 2021


Submission deadline: 28.02.2021




⬤ We welcome individuals and collectives; visual practitioners of any age group with any level experience; primarily residing in Hong Kong.


⬤ There is no limit on the total number of successful submissions.


⬤ Those who have applied in previous years are also eligible to apply.


⬤ Proposals are selected based on originality, feasibility and demonstration of considerations about how the project may need to be adapted according to the space available.


There is no fee to apply. Please get in touch with us at or 852 2777 0955 if you have any questions.

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