Zinemaking in (the Idyllic Backyard of) Sham Shui Po: Shek Kip Mei

Session 1 Sun 7 Feb
Session 2 Sun 21 Feb
Free of Charge
In Cantonese only


Note: Both sessions of this workshop will be conducted in Cantonese. 


Before heading to the buzzing streets of Sham Shui Po for another cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday, come take a detour with us around its quieter corner in Shek Kip Mei?


The day will begin with an audio-guided walk, taking you across historical housing estates, secluded pockets of greenery and various overlooked gems, followed by a hands-on session at JCCAC, where you will learn to create your very own themed zine with just everyday materials and materials gathered on your walk – be it photographs, sketches, writings, objects, fabric…


Please bring along a digital camera or phone camera, a battery bank for your phone if necessary, but as there will be quite a bit of walking, we recommend travelling light and wearing your comfy shoes. On the walk, we encourage you to be spontaneous and respond to your immediate surroundings in any way or form. Alternatively, you could also set yourself some tasks or rules along the way, we’ll leave you with a few ideas below. The walk will end at our studio in JCCAC, where we will be exploring different ways of remixing and transforming materials gathered on your walk into unique interpretations of the neighborhood that you can take home or gift to friends.


Ideas for rules and tasks

1. Look for a certain colour

2. Look high and low for words and numbers (buses, shop windows, traffic markings, buildings, signs, advertisements)

3. Look for different kinds of outfits, clothing items and laundry

4. Look for different types of plants (real, fake, short, tall, potted, indoors, on the street, in a field)

5. Take pictures as you are walking

6. Take pictures of people walking

7. Take pictures of moving vehicles

8. Point your camera without looking at the screen or into the viewfinder

9. Make quick sketches of buildings or signages


This event is free of charge, organised by the Hong Kong International Photo Festival, with the financial support of the Sham Shui Po District Council.

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