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The Way We Were

Organiser & Curator
Blue Lotus Gallery
Blue Lotus Gallery, established in 2007 by Sarah Greene, is a frontrunner when it comes to discovering and exhibiting exciting Hong Kong related projects. Blue Lotus Gallery currently focuses on exploring Hong Kong culture and identity through the medium of photography. Blue Lotus Gallery is behind the rediscovery of prominent photographer Fan Ho (exclusive world wide) through a string of exhibitions and book projects and also accountable for the careers of new emerging talents such as Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze, Tugo Cheng,
Marcel Heijnen and KC Kwan. The gallery is proud to represent Hong Kong’s mega stars Wing Shya and Fan Ho exclusively world wide. Sarah Greene has represented Michel Kenna exclusively in Hong Kong since 2014.
Keith Macgregor
Keith Macgregor has been photographing Hong Kong for nearly 50 years. He comes. from a family with long term connections to Hong Kong and China, his great grandfather having arrived in Shanghai in the late 1850s where set up Caldbeck Macgregor Ltd, a wine & spirits importing business which eventually opened offices all over Asia, China & Hong Kong (1884).

Keith was educated in England from 1954, finishing up at Oxford University in 1964. In 1970 he returned to Hong Kong to set up as a portrait and later a commercial photographer which led to the creation of his publishing business, Cameraman Limited. The books, calendars and postcards published were very successful. “An Eye on Hong Kong”, first published in 1997, sold out 6 editions. His 2nd book: “Neon City, Hong Kong, at Night ” also sold out and became a collector’s item. A "50th Anniversary of photographing Hong Kong” edition is in the pipeline, as well as a book of his Panoramic images. Despite having lived in London for the past 26 years he returns frequently to take photographs of Hong Kong's ever changing landscape.


The Way We Were is a photographic journey down memory lane through the vast collection of work by the iconic Keith Macgregor that throws you back to Hong Kong during its prime: namely the 70s and 80’s. The exhibition bursts with nostalgic street scenes steeped in colonial and local culture, city panoramas and images of life on the sea in full colour and black & white. Importantly, this also marks the first exhibition showing a selection of Macgregor’s latest series titled ‘Neon Fantasies’; a passion project where the artist imagines a reverse reality where the city multiplies in illuminated neon signs. Photographed street scenes are digitally collaged with photographs of the greatest, now mostly lost neon signs creating Blade Runner-esque images that are simultaneously historical and futuristic. In fact Macgregor’s own life story exemplifies the era in question, full of playful ambition, entrepreneurial spirit, chance encounters and good old hard work. The Way We Were expresses a city abound in colour, diversity and optimism, a documentation and flashback to a time where the ‘Hong Kong Dream’ was forged and people went ‘all in’ on the game of life.

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