Jeremy Cheung: Splitsecondcity

10:00am - 10:00pm
Image Maker
Jeremy Cheung is a Hongkong-born freelance photographer with a keen interest in exploring the relationships among time, humanity and the urban environment. This is his second collaboration with HKIPF after the 2018 Satellite Exhibition Philosophers on the Streets – a photographic crossover between wordplay and cityscape. His other solo photo exhibitions include “Hong Kong Déjà Vu: when reality feels unreal” (2020) and “Life Between Urban Canyons” (2018). He is also an award-winner in the 2017 National Geographic Wheelock Youth Photo Competition (Mobile Category).
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In an era where antagonism and calmness could coexist, traffic lights are both a faithful navigator and silent witness of a city’s history. In the course of 2019, the image creator walked through different areas of Hong Kong, capturing streetside fragments that occurred within the ‘3 seconds’ when the yellow light was on. Just as the function of the yellow lights, Hong Kong as a city is also undergoing a constant transition/tussle between GO (green) and STOP (red). This photo series serves as a side record of ordinary stories and significant moments that happened during the crucial year of 2019.

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