Chuk Yin Man: Road Signs, Lamp Posts, Trees

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CHUK Yin Man
Chuk Yin Man graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, in 2018. He mainly concentrates on photography and theatre art. He always wanders around the everyday but overlooked places in the city. Photography is a process for him to open up and explore the place where he is. Chuk’s work ‘The Place We Have Never Remembered’ received the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) Award in 2018.
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I find meanings in the meaningless when I wander around suburban areas. An individual rarely goes to the highway and looks explicitly for a traffic sign, lamp post, or even a particular turn. I once accidentally walked under a highway that stretched out above my head. The encounter changed my experience towards the space. I wander around overlooked places. Through photography, I intend to reconstruct the place and create a new experience.

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