Regenerative Island: A Historic and Thematic Overview of Taiwanese Photobooks

Tsao Liang-pin, Founder, Lightbox Photo Library, Taipei
Founded in 2016, Lightbox Photo Library is the first specialised library dedicated to photography in Taiwan, which is free and open to the public.
Lightbox’s mission is to collect Taiwanese photographic publications and to create a more open and inclusive culture in the photography community.
The platform for contemporary photography has received significant support from art and photography communities both in Taiwan and abroad.
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Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center


What is a photobook?

When was the first photobook about Taiwan published?

How does a photographic book develop under different politics on the island?

How does it portray and shape our understanding of the past?

How should we read them, and in what context?

What continuity and transformations can be found in contemporary publications?


Taipei-based photographer and Lightbox Photo Library founder Tsao Liang-pin holds an MFA degree from Pratt Institute. His recent works investigate the relational tension between people and environment, exploring its socio-cultural significance. In this talk, he will trace Taiwanese photobooks over time, embracing five viewpoints and discussing their value and potential to society today.


  • Tsao Liang-pin|Lightbox Photo Library
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