Photo Walk

Let’s Toddle – Tai O

Assembly site
Exit B, Tung Chung MTR Station
Wong Wai King (Tai O resident)
Leon Suen (veteran photographer)
By donation (suggested donation: HKD100, excluding lunch and transportation fee)
15 people


For centuries, Tai O has been home to the Tanka people, who traditionally live on boats. Once a military base and major port with many salt factories and fisheries, Tai O is now nicknamed ‘the Venice of Hong Kong’- a tourist spot for both locals and foreigners alike.


Yet, beneath the vibrancy of tourism, the community faces an aging population and the changing economic restructuring of Hong Kong and China: the salt, fishing and agricultural industries have been dwindling and the younger generation has been relocating to urban areas for more job opportunities.


Seeing these trends, combined with the growing food crisis due to climate change, the community-oriented photographer Leon Suen founded FishPlant Ltd, an eco-friendly aquaponic farm in Tai O. He encourages elderly people to work at the farm, as a way to contribute to one’s sense of self-esteem and to the community.


Let’s Toddle – Tai O is a guided photo-walk led by Tai O resident Wong Wai King and Leon Suen. While Wong will provide in-depth background information and stories about her home community, Suen will guide participants to observe and think through photography. Elderly people involved with FishPlant will discuss their views about water and fisheries as Tanka people.


Let’s Toddle – Tai O advocates a different tourism – connecting people and local stories through photography.


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