Legend Lin Dance Theatre Performance Picture Exhibition

Friday 25 OCT 1500-2000
Saturday 26 OCT 1100-2000
Sunday 27 OCT 1100-1800
Presented with
Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center
  • Chin Cheng-Tsai About
    Chin Cheng-Tsai is a professional image maker, with a focus on documentary photography. . His publications include The Scarecrows of Formosa, My 62 Scarecrow Friends, The Secrets of Growing Up, and The Moments. His imagery is known for its emotional nuances and imaginative possibilities.
  • Chen Tien-MouAbout
    Born into an artistic family, Chen Tien-Mou grew up surrounded by photography, music and art, and began his career in advertising at age 22, before moving into filmmaking. In 2008, he was the tour photographer for Legend Lin Dance Theatre’s European tour of The Mirrors of Life, and in 2009, the still photographer for Song of Pensive Beholding, a major production by the National Theater in Taipei.


Founded in 1995, Legend Lin Dance Theatre creates motion through slowness, producing four dance works to this day: Mirrors of Life, Anthem to the Fading FlowersSong of Pensive Beholding, and The Eternal Tides. Their dance marks a conscious return to the body that encapsulates the pulse of time, as it is distilled and transformed through responding to the moment, earth, human beings, and the spirits of all things.



The rituallistic performances, the creative rigour, the contours of the dancers’ bodies, and the artist’s reflection on her life and self—these shifting glimpses of Legend Lin Dance Theatre have been captured through the lenses of artists Chin Cheng-Tsai and Chen Tien-Mou for more than ten years. This exhibition presents imprints of danced time.

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