Ko Tim-keung: In Search of War Relics

Ko Tim-keung
A research historian, Ko Tim-keung was formerly a Council Member of the Royal Asiatic Society (Hong Kong Branch) and a member of Antiquities Advisory Board. At present, he serves as a museum adviser for the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and advisor of the collection committee, Hong Kong Maritime Museum. He has written extensively on various aspects of Hong Kong history.
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It is always alleged that in Hong Kong the past is not cherished – that we are a hectic city constantly on the move. While memories of the war may have faded into history, the search for this dark period is not impossible. Outside the built-up areas, whether on the hillsides or at the shoreline, one can discover solidly constructed batteries, pillboxes and shelters.


Ko Tim-keung has been recording these unassuming military structures since the 1980s. In this talk, he will share some of the many photographs he has taken of these structures and their accompanying stories. Some of these reinforced concrete structures remain, while others have since disappeared.

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