Eye To Eye: Jockey Club Social Documentation Roving Exhibition



In early 2012, the Festival via open call recruited 35 groups of people of different backgrounds for a two-month storytelling mentorship. The participants, including an international school student, a retiree, an ex-inmate, a young man with autism, an office secretary, an architectural surveyor, a Nepali high school student, a construction worker, a tofu factory manager, a sex worker, an operating theatre nurse, a monk, a train captain, a flight attendant, local Indonesian newspaper reporter, a Somali refugee, a group of newly arrived / cross-border secondary school students, a Ma Si Po resident, and a rooftop tenant, are now showcasing what they have learnt in telling their life stories through the lens in this four-part roving exhibition.


These 35 life stories would otherwise have been untold without the camera. They contain hope and dismay, tears and laughters, different approaches to life, and different ways of seeing. As we sample the feast of life, we cannot help but take stock that of our own.

  • Eye to Eye: Jockey Club Social Documentation Project

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