Kelvin Chan: Disappearing

10:00am - 10:00pm
Image Maker
Kelvin CHAN
Kelvin Chan obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography from the HKU School of Professional & Continuing Education in 2016, which has inspired him to deploy photography as a media for self-expression and communication. As part of the programme, he has completed a project entitled Fly Again to reflect the on-going redevelopment of the former Kai Tak Airport site. He is continuing his photographic journey to probe issues surrounding the built environment.
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Many uniquely designed old residential buildings have disappeared, either through renovations or redevelopment over time. Like many residents there, they never returned; all that is left are only memories and images.


I went back to my old neighbourhood to take photographs as a way of reminiscing about my childhood years. Those were difficult times but people worked hard to make ends meet in the spirit of the Lion Rock. Nowadays, traces found in these dwellings from the 1960s are as though imprints of their stories and spirits. Along with the unique craftsmanship and serene atmosphere in the neighbourhoods, they compel me to recapture fond memories through photography.


As time goes by the old buildings each with unique characters are replaced by economical clones. The native architecture and their residents have disappeared, along with them the harmonious and free community spirit.

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