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[HKIPF Flare] Asia Society Hong Kong Center — Art Access Programme: Visioning in the Dark
29.10 - 16.11.2016

Visually impaired (VI) persons might not able to see very well, but their disability allows them to feel the world with other senses and picture it with their own unique perspective. This pilot program tried to break the boundaries of photography, and allowed VI persons and sighted photographers to work together to shoot and sequence photos on site at Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

Apart from enabling VI persons to explore their artistry through photography, the program also provided an opportunity for sighted people to learn how VI perosns see the world. With the special sensibility of VI persons and the knowledge of sighted photographers, a series of unique photographs was created.

Through this collaboration, both the VI participants and sighted photographers have gained a new experience and definition of visioning. By being invited to feel, sense and understand their surroundings in a different way, the participants were able to get new inspirations for art creations and their lives.

An exhibition showcasing photographic works created from the program will be on view at the 4th Hong Kong International Photo Festival at JCCAC. Each participating team has selected their best photos that represent their vision of photography and themselves. The exhibition runs from October 29 to November 16, 2016 at JCCAC. All photos on show at the exhibition are printed by Epson.

On November 6, 2016, the participating photographers will gather once again to share their experiences from the program. The story behind each photograph will also be revealed.

Photographers: Oswald Cheung, Dennis Fung, Lau Kwok Tim, Bobby Lee, Dick Lau, Bowman Poon, Monica Tam.

Special thanks:

All cameras and lenses used in this program were sponsored by Phase One
Printing and projection of all works on view at the exhibition are sponsored by Epson.
Disability awareness training for all the participants was provided in-kind by the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK).
The photographer, Bobby Lee, is the consultant of the program.

L5 Common Area, JCCAC (Map)

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