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70.40. Leong Ka Tai Photo Moments + Response Art Show

Leong Ka Tai has been capturing the world with his camera since 1976. 40 years down the road, it is a good time to review his prolific career to date in an exhibition that showcases his works across different periods. An integral part of the exhibition is the response art show from Leong’s circle of artistic friends. Besides photographers, artists across different art disciplines such as painting, music, and sculpture have been engaged in this exciting collaboration.

Exhibition Period
12 – 21.11.2016 

Opening Hours
11:00 – 20:00

1/F Low Block Exhibition Hall & 7/F High Block Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong City Hall 

Leong Ka Tai

Anothermountainman, Lau Ching Ping

Response Artists
Anothermountainman, Wang Miao, Almond Chu, South Ho, Vincent Yu, Jennifer Chau, Chou Ching Hui, Jaffa Lam, Alfred Ko Chi Keung, Zhang Haier, Chang Chao Tang, Zunzi, Kacey Wong, Yeung Tong Lung, Chak Chung Ho, Lau Ching Ping, Ducky Tse Chi, Tak, Hsieh Chun Te, So Hing Keung, Kung Chi Shing

Extended Event
“Photo Moments. Artists’ Dialogue”
Date: 19.11.2016 (六 Sat)
Time:15:00 – 17:00
Venue: 1/F Low Block Exhibition Hall Hong Kong City Hall
Moderator: Tam Wai Ping & Blues Wong

Participating Artists: Leong Ka Tai, Alfred Ko Chi Keung, Zhang Haier, Vincent Yu, , Jaffa Lam, Chou Ching Hui, Zunzi, Kacey Wong, anothermountainman, Lau Ching Ping 

Daily Docent Tour : 17:30 – 18:30
Conducted in Chinese & English, registration by Facebook inbox message with date, name and contact number
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7040lkt/

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